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Welcome to Map It!, an intuitive tool that makes Lexington’s geographic information system work for you. Map It! allows you to quickly access and display geographic data with print and email capabilities. Map It! will allow you to locate an address, find a street, or identify an intersection. The Pick It! menu option provides a listing of various geographic data that will be mapped once a selection is made. Geographic data available via the Pick It! tool includes; parks, golf courses, government sites, and points of interest.

Map It! and Pick It! results will display additional data depending on your request type. When an address is located, Map It! will return additional information about that location such as; closest park, zoning type, tax district, and political representation. When items are selected using Pick It!, specific descriptive information about that feature is provided. Learn more about Lexington’s geographic information system (GIS) and mapping services.

Enter an address or street name below to display results.

Use the tools below to add and edit various graphics to your map that will persist for printing.

Select a color for your line graphics, red is default.

Line color hexidecimal code:

Enter text to be displayed:

Text size:
Clear all graphics

To move a graphic:

Click once on the lines of a shape to move it, use your pointer to drag and reposition, click a different tool to cancel.

To apply current color

Change the color wheel to the desired color. while this button is active, click on the lines of the graphic you wish to re-color.

Delete a single graphic

While this tool is active, you can delete the graphic of your choice by clicking any line belonging to it.

Use a buffer zone to find

of your starting point.

Create buffer starting point using
address or street,

or create custom starting point using:

Display results

Clear buffer and results
Use the measurement widget to calculate area, find the distance between locations and display the current mouse location. Double click to end measurement leg.
Clear measurement results
Select a parcel location on the map with your cursor to display available information about that area.

Clear selection information
Choose the type of legend you would like added to the map: